SMB connection over SSH

At one point, I wanted to connect from my MacBook Pro (using OS X Leopard 10.5.1)  to our OS X server’s Samba shares from off campus.  The only problem is that the server only allows SSH connections off campus.  This is all you need, however, to create a tunnel and connect to the windows shares.   To create the tunnel, do

 sudo ssh user@servername -L localhost:139:servername:139 

The next part involves mounting the share, which Leopard won’t let you do from the Finder (it gives the error message “This file server is running on your machine. Please access the volumes and files locally.” )  That’s ok, you can get around this by opening the terminal and typing the following commands:

  1. sudo mkdir /Volumes/sharename 
  2. sudo mount_smbfs //username:password@localhost/sharename /Volumes/sharename

 Note that in my case I wanted to have a subdirectory on the share mounted, so in place of command 2 above, I typed (all one line):  

sudo mount_smbfs //username:password@localhost/sharename/subdir /Volumes/sharename  


And it worked!  I then used this share to do my backup using Time Machine.  Time Machine will let you backup to network shares if you type the following at the terminal (all one line):

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1″  


Duck Park in Rexburg, ID

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, we made our way to the “Duck Park” in Rexburg, ID.  When we arrived we found the ducks all gathered around a drainage pipe that had warmed up a portion of the lake enough to melt the ice.  There was limited space, and unfortunately the ducks had to share this cramped space with a dead comrade.  Shown below is the dead comrade, as well as the live ducks.

Shown below I am contemplating giving the dead comrade the kiss of life.

Ducks in Lake Carson Holding Dead Duck

Thor II Camera

ThorIICamera Front ThorIICamera Back ThorIICamera Top

Above are the front, back, and top view of the recovered camera from the  Thor II launch, recovered nearly two years after launch.  This camera differs from that used on the Thor I launch in a number of ways, namely: the film type used was Advantix on ThorII, versus standard 35mm on ThorI. The most significant difference was simply the timing circuit. ThorI used a relatively simply 555 timer circuit, whereas ThorII had a loop running on a microprocessor. Clearly, the 555 method produced good results, as shown on the ThorI page, whereas only 4 relatively poor photographs were recovered from the ThorII camera.

Bread Recipe

This is my start into the wide world of bread making (makes 2 loaves):Combine in mixer bowl:

  1.  3 cups whole wheat flour
  2. 1/2 cup nonfat dry milk
  3. some salt (little)
  4. 2 pkg. dry yeast (or about 2 tablespoons)

Heat in saucepan until warm:

  1.  3 cup water or potato water
  2. 1/2 cup honey
  3. 2 tablespoons oil

Pour warm (not hot) liquid over flour mixture.  Beat with mixer for 3 minutes.  Stir in

  1.  1 additional cup of whole wheat flour
  2. 4-4.5 cups of white flour

Knead dough 5 minutes using additional white flour if necessary.  Place in greased bowl, turn, let rise until double in bulk.  Punch down.  Divide dough in half and shape into loaves.  Place in greased 9×5″ bread pans.  Cover and let rise 40-45 minutes.  Bake at 375 for 40-45 minutes. If using glass pans, some say you should reduce the heat to 350.  Also, some variations in cooking time may be due to elevation.