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My DIY Little Bits

I whipped up some quick LED modules and my own power module using some proto boards and components I purchased from amazon. I haven’t branched out to more complicated module types, but these ones work well. I think each module cost ten cents or so, rather than the 10 dollars little bits charges.

Note that I put a small button to enable power from the module to the daughter cards. The main reason for this is to avoid wearing down the batteries.

Also, you can see I chose a 5-pin connector. Any module can plug into another module, or directly into a power module (which has two output connectors).

When I do this over again Ill make the following adjustments:

  • Make the outside pins ground, inside pin power. This would completely avoid any problems from plugging modules in upside down
  • Provide an always-on pin – I like the idea of some modules being normally-off. But some modules, like a trinket module, should be always on, since they consume so little power as to not matter